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One of the best & friendliest dog care services on the Sunshine Coast🐾🐶

Your earliest drop-off time - 7:00 AM

Your latest pick-up time - 21:00 PM

No extra charge for your late evening checkout.


My Health Issue Updates ❤️🩹

I have been dealing with a common shoulder pain called subacromial bursitis last 4 weeks, because of excessive overhead activities/overuse of the shoulder muscles.

I may accordingly need to reduce the amount of dog walking due to this shoulder pain until it's perfectly recovered. At least I'll take dogs for a walk once a day. I may let my shoulder rest if it's painful. Thank you for your understanding.

Regards, Koretaka Minami

Saturday, 12th of November 2022


Time Off Notice 😌

Not Available 22 - 23 January 2023

*Updated on Friday 11th of November 2022

This is a very important notice for Mad Paws clients. I will have a time off from Sunday 22nd of January until Monday 23rd of January. It will be unavailable for the both of existing clients, and new clients. Please contact your nearest pet sitters if it's urgent.

Thank you.

Regards, Koretaka Minami

Friday, 11th of November


New Dog Hosting (Overnight Stay) Fee

New beginning, Monday 5th of December 2022

Now, I have finally decided the start date for the new dog hosting fee, $45.00 on Mad Paws.

It starts from Monday, 5th of December 2022.

For cash payment preferred existing clients,

It will be ...

$30 for Daycare, starts from 26th of September

$40 for Dog Hosting, starts from 5th of December 2022

Thank you for your support.

Regards, Koretaka Minami

Wednesday, 17th of August 2022


New Dog Minding Fee

New dog minding fee starts this September

This is the important notice for everyone. The new dog daycare fee will be introduced this September. And, the new overnight dog hosting fee will be introduced later this year, due to the introduction of Mad Paws Seasonal Pricing Plan later this year.

Some reasons for a new adjustment here are ...

  • Keep service quality/value

  • Demand in the local market

  • The extended range of pet supplies

  • Stay in the competitive price in/around the local market

  • An increase of cost of living

New dog hosting (overnight) fee will be $45.00 (Incl. $4 booking fee, starts later this year 2022)

New dog daycare fee is $35.00 (Incl. $3 booking fee, starts from Monday, 26th of September 2022)

Please remember that the price will be negotiable for your budget. Please contact me if the price doesn't suit what you need. I'm very happy to discuss with you about your budget to match your requirement.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards, Koretaka Minami

Wednesday, 1st of June 2022


No Vacancy

Limited Seasonal Services - Repeat Clients Only

My apologies, due to an increase of demand in dog minding service, now I have stopped taking inquiries for new dogs.

I will let you know if there are some rooms for new clients.

Sorry about this inconvenience.

I'm still accepting booking inquiries for existing clients.

Please contact me through this website if you won't be able to make your requests on Mad Paws. Thank you🐾

Regards, Koretaka Minami

Monday, 23rd of May 2022


New Free ID Tag Service 🏷 🐾

Missing pet prevention

This will be one of my biggest service expansions. Now your dogs wear their ID tags with my contact details while staying at my place. You can pick your style. Traditional tags, or smart ID tags with QR code, or both!! Your dogs will be a lot safer wearing the tags when they accidentally escape from our property.

Stainless Steel Tag

Pet ID Tag

You may be worried about losing your dog while enjoying your holiday. No problem! I'll cover you up with a stainless steel pet ID tag. It has my name, phone number, and even street address. Your dog will be coming back to my place in no time when a person looks at the tag that has my contact details.

With QR Code

Smart Pet ID Tag

Even though everyone doesn't have an immediate access to their computers, and smartphones, I will be able to know the exact location where your dogs are if the QR code is scanned with the device. I can see the details of your dogs as well. Your dogs and I can be reunited in no time.

This free rental pet ID tag service is going to start from March 2022. This service definitely gives you peace of mind while your dogs stay with me.

Kind regards, Koretaka Minami

Tuesday, 22nd of February 2022


Update 1/1/2022 - A New Price Range for Dog Care

Price change at the beginning of June 2021 - Your booking fee increased $1

Thank you for supporting my dog care service. I'd like to introduce the new price range for dog minding, starts from 1st of June 2021. Over-seven-nights discount 15% off is still running. 

My key points are ...

- Keep the competitive price around/in the local market.

- Service enhancement for dogs & clients

- Affordability for everyone, value for money

- More pet care items

The new price range is ...

- The Current Price for Dog Hosting (Overnight Stay) $30.00 ➡︎ The New Price $38.00 ➡︎ +$1 Booking Fee $39.00

- The Current Price for Dog Day Care $19.00 ➡︎ The New Price $25.00 ➡︎ +$1 Booking Fee $26.00

- The Current Price for Dog Walking $10.00 ➡︎ The Same Price $10.00

I'll continuously provide my service to everyone just as usual, and I'll add my essence to the service to make it work nicely. Thanks, again.

Regards, Koretaka Minami

Updated: Saturday 1st of January 2022

Work Desk

Bye for Last Minute Bookings

An important notice for last minute bookings
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Time-Off Period for Dog Care🍹

Please excuse my own weekend off

This is another important notice for Mad Paws customers.

I have decided to take some time off regularly from this year. I will be taking a few days off every 4-5 weeks. All the services will be unavailable during this time off period, and it affects on both of first timers and regular clients. Please ask me about service availability just as usual on Mad Paws website, and here on my own official site. Regular clients are welcome to contact me on my mobile number directly.

The reason why I have decided to take some regular breaks is to keep balance between work and private time.

Nowadays, I have recently noticed that there has been some inconsistency in my work occasionally. Sometimes I need an adjustment for myself.

Dogs are fantastic, and I love them so much. I would love to treat them 100% all the way through.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards, Koretaka Minami

Wednesday, 24th of March 2021


My Dog Care - Your Gratitude

Your Paws Generosity

Thank you for loving my dog care service via Mad Paws! Some clients wanted to show a lot more love in return. I would love to accept your gratitude through this website for your convenience.


Note for Dog Minding during this Covid-19 Epidemic

Note for Dog Minding - ドッグケア予約の際のお願いと注意

I'm still accepting your booking requests for dog minding during this COVID-19 epidemic. Please practice your hygiene, and social distancing.

The restrictions have been lifted in Queensland, and the tourism has gradually started taking off its wings in the last couple of months. Now, the booking surge is happening at Mad Paws.

Please book the service in advance before running out of the space.





Regards, Koretaka Minami

Sunday, 30th of August 2020


Technical Tutoring

Apple Helper

This service is still temporarily closed for COVID-19. Please wait for further notice.

​Are there anything you don't understand on your iOS devices? Are you confused about which cable is the right one? I can help you right away. This tutorial can help you to achieve your goal.

A fun time for your dogs

Dog Hosting Service

I will take care of your dog(s) while enjoying your holiday. Your dog(s) will be sleeping on a super comfy memory foam bed. Your dog(s) can play in the fenced property. Feed healthy meals during a stay. This service will be booked through

​More details,

​​ホリデーを楽しみたいけど、ペットがいるので出かけられないと困っていませんか?代わってワンちゃんのケアをさせていただきます。猫ちゃんたちのお世話はできません。ワンちゃんたちのみご案内させていただいてます。ご了承ください。詳細は、下記の"Make an Appointmet"ボタンをタップ/クリックしてください。


About Me

A Friendly Instructor at Your Service

I moved to Australia after Graduated Beppu University in Japan, 1998. Found a passion to help people as went through a number of TAFE courses. A career in retail opened the door for my future.

I enjoy learning about other cultures. Language will connect our community & society. To learn cultural differences between countries can give us a better understanding with each other.

I have a strong passion toward to Apple's state-of-art technology as well. Technology can be isolating for some people. Apple makes it easier for you. Technology can be like language too. It connects us together.

I hope I can help your holiday in Japan, and your operation on iOS devices, and Mac.

​Let's have fun altogether!

​Warm regards, Koretaka

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