Being a Mad Paws Dog Sitter

My Passion Became a Job

To look after dogs used to be my hobby. I had my own dogs, and I really enjoyed their companionship in the past.

Now, I'm a certified dog sitter.

I honestly tell you that I had a doubt how this online pet business would affect my life, and how well Mad Paws would work for me. It was all new to me.

I was very anxious while waiting for my first client after I applied for becoming a dog sitter with Mad Paws.

Well, it all magically happened only few days later. My first client was a sweet energetic staffy girl!! I absolutely enjoyed myself as a dog sitter for someone's dog. It was the best thing ever happened in my life. I don't think I'll be able to go back to retail industry in the future.

I don't have to worry about any other management at all. Just look after dogs nicely, that's all I need to care about.

And, I'm so lucky to have great clients all the time. They are almost friends rather than clients. They absolutely feel comfortable about my service. Thank you very much, everyone!

Mad Paws takes care of us well too. Just one email through the website, then they shortly get back to you. They have their premium insurance for any incidents. The insurance covers up all of our problems, once my client books my service with a credit card. Then, it's time to play with dogs!!

Another good thing about Mad Paws is they have their business partner "moo.com". We can create our premium business cards, and flyers within a minute with MOO. I ordered the both of cards & flyers. They are so great! They look very professional.

The last thing I love about Mad Paws is another business partner "Qantas". My clients can save their Qantas points when they spend a certain amount of money. Of course, I'm a sitter, so I don't get any Qantas points, but I'm so glad my clients can do that.

I strongly recommend becoming a pet sitter if you really care about pet animals. Such a wonderful experience, and very rewarded here!

My Mad Paws pet sitter profile is https://madpa.ws/Book-Koretaka