Good bye to Last Minute Bookings

Thank you for supporting my dog minding service last three years.

I have to address another major decision for my service here.

I unfortunately will not take any more last minute bookings from new clients. This dog minding demand has rapidly increased last few months, and I would like to make some more allowances for the both of existing & new clients in the future as the last minute booking is removed from the list.

Of course, I will definitely consider some priority for the existing clients.

Thank you for your understanding.

Regards, Koretaka Minami

Friday, 10th of September 2021

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Christmas Bookings 2021

Are you ready for Christmas?

Here I can give you some tips & advice for your enjoyable Christmas!!

1. Prioritise your plan

This is the most important thing before you start your Christmas holiday. Please ensure booking your dog sitter first. Booking windows are limited to max 4 dogs/day. It may be fully booked before you start booking. So, please book it well in advance.

2. Plan your own trip

This part could be a fun part. Pick your favourite holiday destination, and work your way around it. Perhaps, you can book one of the great restaurants as well as accommodation.

3. Bon Voyage!!

Have a great trip, and see you when you get back. I'll regularly give you updates in photos & videos while enjoying your holiday.


Summer Policy 2021 - 2022


Your dog(s) won't be walking on the street if it's high temperature over 29℃🌡
And, I even won't take your dog outside if your dog starts suffering from a heat.

Temperature Control

The air conditioner will be turned on if the room temperature reaches 27 - 28℃.
And, the room temperature will be kept around 23 - 24℃ for your dog until the outdoor temperature goes down around 26 - 27℃.


Their water is available 24/7. I may add some ice cubes🧊when it's severely hot inside, and outside.


Your dog's safety and security are the priority. Your dog will be safely kept, and minimise the traumatic experience. Please let me know if you have some special requirements for your dog's safety.

Dogs with trainer

Bigger & Better Services 🐶🐾

Service Enhancement from 2021

More Dogs

You might have been disappointed when there was no spot for dog minding. I'll start accepting more dogs up to 4 dogs from February 2021.

Returned Clients Priority

Your dog has been here with me before?
You can jump in the queue during the busy season such as Christmas, and Easter, even if there's no last-minute-booking availability.

A Variety of Pet Supplies

I have lined up all the necessary basic supplies for your furry friends, such as drink/food bowls, collars and leads, and some treats.

Medical/Health Attention

I will let you know any sign of medical/health attentions. Your dog will be looked after by the local vet straight away.
And, I'll regularly check ...
- Ticks and fleas
- Teeth condition
- Skin condition
- Coat/hair
- Nails
- Other health related issues


​A Big Dog Lover!

I have been, and I'm always a big dog lover! I have been looking after dogs most of my life, over 15 years. I saw a range of dogs like Chow Chow, Shetland Sheepdog, Retriever, Staffordshire Terriers, and a few more. My heart has been feeling so empty since my dogs past away in 2016. I just simply thought "No dogs, no life!" Now, I'm a great dog sitter here in Australia. I'm a member of Mad Paws pet care service. Please feel free to contact me here or through Mad Paws. See more details from my booking link shown below.

Thank you!

Mad Paws business partner is the famous red wings in the sky, Qantas Airways.

​You can get some more Qantas points on pet care along the side of other ways of earning Qantas points. Please don't forget to enter your Qantas Frequent Flyer details while making your inquiry.

Please book me on

Puppy Having Lunch

Dog Hosting

I will look after your dogs while you are away. My dog minding service $30/day ($3 handling fee for Mad Paws included) includes feeding, walking, brushing, administering medication and a free complimentary shower*.

House training is the minimum requirement prior to book an appointment. I'll accept puppies to medium size dogs.

Our property is not for a commercial use, so I can take care of up to 2 dogs** at the same time.

The cash is not acceptable. Please book it through Mad Paws with online payment.

*It depends on the breed, and a hair/coat condition. This service may not be offered if it's not suitable for your dog.

**It depends on the breed, and the owner's request. I will accept it if the same owner owns 2 dogs at home.


I can offer these

Equipment/Products I use for dogs

These are my own equipment/products for dog guests. You won't need to take your dog's bed, and food bowls to my place with you. It's all ready to go!!

Any more questions? Please tap/click Dog Care FAQ below.

Memory Foam Bed
Plushy Bed, 95 cm
Food/Water Bowl, 12 cm
Food/Water Bowl, 21.5 cm
Chewable Toy
Nail Clipper
Wet Food