Dog Care FAQ

Everything You Need to Know


Do you take care of all type of dogs?

I'll be taking care of dogs within my capability. That means I won't be able to look after certain type of dogs, certainly not dangerous dogs. Up to medium size.

Do you have any qualifications for your service?

Yes, I have a certificate. I completed the dog care course on 15th of December 2019 through the private tuition called Learning Cloud.

Do you offer a free complimentary bath for my dog?

Yes, I do. However, I need to look at a condition of your dog's coat/hair first. Your request may be refused in some cases.

I'm not a local person, but I still would like you to take my dog for a walk. Would you mind?

Sorry, not at this stage. Dog walking service is available only for local dog owners at this stage. I hope you find another great pet sitter near your place. Because, $10/walk doesn't cover the petrol fee as this is only at the introductory stage. I may expand my dog walking service for dog owners who are located in other areas if this service becomes a lot more popular near future.

About your day care service, what is "day care"?

The day care service is provided during the day time. That means I'll be looking after your dog just for that day. Not an overnight stay. $15/day includes walking, feeding, and lots of playtime! Your dog needs to be at my place.

Where does my dog sleep?

A good question! Your dog will be sleeping inside of the house. There is a very comfortable memory foam bed for your dog.

What's your hygiene procedure?

I regularly wash my hands, and frequently clean up the floor as well. I separately wash the drink & food bowls everyday. I always keep an eye on the bedding, and other dog accessories, and I wash them in the washing machine for all the furry guests.

How many dogs can you look after at the same time?

Up to 2 dogs. Some owners have 2 dogs at the same time, and they will be accepted if there's only 1 dog I look after on that day.

Do you pick up/drop off my dog for me?

No. But, I do offer emergency pick up/drop off.

Do you have a bed for my dog?

Yes, I do have a very comfortable memory foam bed for your dog.

How far do you walk with my dog? And, how often?

Basically twice a day, sometime in the morning, and late afternoon. I won't take your dog for a walk that far, 2 - 3 km a day. It depends on what type of dog you have too. Jack Russell & Border Collie need a lot of exercise! Smaller breeds, a toy group don't need much exercise.

Do you train my dog?

Yes, and no. I only can do basic light training for your dog at your request. I basically won't train your dog if it's only overnight stay.

Do you take my dog for a walk with you even in the mid of scorchingly hot summer?

No, I won't, even if you insist. It's just so dangerous outside in the hot weather. Your dog will be staying inside of the house or in the shade when it's 29℃ and above.

Would you mind if you give me some advice and support outside of your business?

Of course, I would love to give you any after-support. Basically about anything such as diet, exercise, and communication skills. I'll get back to you as soon as possible later on if I can't provide you enough answer straightaway on that day.

My dog hasn't completed a toilet training yet. Would you mind if you look after my dog without his training?

Basically, I would mind if your puppy hasn't finished his toilet training. Because, it's more like your responsibility. But, I'll still look after your dog if I'm allowed to train your dog.

I loved your service, but my dog's behaviour is now back to the beginning where it used to be. What should I do?

Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear that your dog has been a bit mischievous these days. The dog training must be firm, consistent all the way through, and you must do it for your dog everyday. Otherwise, your dog will be out of control very easily.
And, I'd like to remind you that I'm a dog sitter, not a dog trainer. Training can be a part of the deal with some particular clients, but training, and education are your own responsibility. My responsibility here is to give them comfort, safety, passion, and love.
I suggest that you contact one of the local dog trainers as soon as possible.


FAQ for Less Than 24 Hours Last Minute Booking Inquiry


Can I book your service a few hours before I leave my place?

No. Especially not for the first timers. I may consider taking some urgent bookings for returning clients, but it still depends.

I don't have a time to book your service online. Can I just drop my furry baby off now? I can pay you in cash.

No, you can't directly drop your dog off at my place. You must make a payment with your credit card through Mad Paws. Your four-leg-friend will be insured with premium insurance, and you get updates from me with photos & videos.
I suggest organising your trip a few steps ahead next time. Please contact me again. I'm always here for your dog.

Sorry about this short notice. I totally have forgotten there's business trip tomorrow. Can I drop off my dog around 8:00 AM tomorrow morning?

Yes, that's fine to me. I'll book you in after our meeting with a video call.

My puppy hasn't completed housetraining, but I need to see my relative this afternoon. And, I won't be able to come back home today.

No, I'm sorry your puppy has to be trained first.

Your question is not listed? Then, please contact me.