New Price 2021

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

*Updated on 7th of April

Thank you for supporting my dog care service. I'd like to introduce the new price range for dog minding, starts from 1st of June 2021. Over-seven-nights discount 15% off is still running.

My key points are ...

- Keep the competitive price around/in the local market.

- Service enhancement for dogs & clients

- Affordability for everyone, value for money

- More pet care items

The new price range is ...

- The Current Price for Dog Hosting (Overnight Stay) $30.00 ➡︎ The New Price $38.00

- The Current Price for Dog Day Care $19.00 ➡︎ The New Price $25.00

- The Current Price for Dog Walking $10.00 ➡︎ The Same Price $10.00

I'll continuously provide my service to everyone just as usual, and I'll add my essence to the service to make it work nicely. Thanks, again.

Regards, Koretaka Minami

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

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